Turkey and Azerbaijan: An European Alternative for Asian Tourists

The dynamics of tourism have changed worldwide, and we have seen people packing bags and leaving for yearly vacations in Christmas and summer seasons to some of those countries serving as the best tourism destinations.

Turkey, a beautiful blend of culture and historical traditions is an appealing place to both culture-seekers and beach buffs whereas Azerbaijan with its dynamic lifestyle and a complete package of history and modernization await tourists from Asian countries with a warm heart.

• Turkey- A land Stirring with Dynamic Lifestyle as a Cheaper European Alternative:

From Istanbul, the journey begins from this vast city covering the beauty and culture of turkey. Turkey can now be considered a hub of modern tourism.

Famous for its coastlines and sunny days, it has around dozen ski resorts boasting stunning snow-covered mountain ranges during the winter months.

People visit Turkey with a mindset to expand their business ventures here as well and Istanbul is the real attraction in this context as this beautiful city is expanded to both Asia and Europe. Yes, you heard that right.

Istanbul is divided by the Bosphorus river; the east bank lies in Asia and the west bank lies in Europe.

Pakistani tourists, more interested in the ancient sites, spend their time exploring the great Capital of Antalya, greek temples and old architectural sites, a visit to Hagia Sophia and a day to witness Cappadocia.

• Azerbaijan- A Modern European Alternative Destination for Asian Tourists:

Having a rich historical, cultural and natural heritage background, Azerbaijan attracts the tourists coming from Asia and more specifically Turkey, Iran, Pakistan the most.

All types of tourism, be it business, sport, medical, hunting, exotic, beach or leisure, has increased in the country over the years and the credit goes to its unique architecture, untouched nature, unique cuisine, and diverse culture and traditions.

Mostly known for eco-friendly tours to natural sites, trekking and climbing routes, the tourists have brought there a seasonal rise in business tourism as well which particularly focuses on the Baku city and the advancement in its day-to-day lifestyle.

Azerbaijan and Turkey share a cordial relationship with regional countries which proves to be the background of increasing tourism of citizens from regional countries to turkey and Azerbaijan and vice versa.

These tourists have been seen bringing business and leisure activities to these lands which has added onto the progress and development of these regions.

What makes these destinations special is the mutual respect and similarities that the citizens of Asian countries show towards each other and the similarities of culture, traditions and history that these regions share together.


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